Central Utah Counseling Center

Central Utah Counseling Center

Ephraim Secretary Office Remodel

Project Description

390 W. 100 N.

Ephraim, UT 84627

Central Utah Counseling Center (CUCC) is accepting bids from licensed contractors for a remodel project in Ephraim.  This document and the accompanying plans detail the scope of the project. CUCC is undertaking this project in an effort to increase the safety and confidentiality of the secretary workspace in our Ephraim office by enclosing the currently open secretary work space.

CUCC constructed a replica of the Ephraim building in Nephi in 2009.  In that project the secretary (reception) office was enclosed.  Our project in Ephraim will enclose the secretary office in Ephraim to match the building in Nephi.  The drawing snips in this document show both the existing Ephraim Office and the current Nephi Office.

Project Description:

  • Contractor shall have a current contractors license in the State of Utah.

  • Contractor shall deliver sealed bid to CUCC Ephraim Clinical Office at 390 W. 100 N. Ephraim, UT 84627 no later than Monday, March 5th, 2018 at 1:00 PM.  Bid opening will commence at 1:00 PM on Monday, March 5th, 2018 at 390 W. 100 N. Ephraim, UT.  Bids received after 1:00 PM on March 5th, 2018 will not be accepted.

  • Contractor shall perform demolition of portions of the existing secretary workspace.

    • The green upper countertop will be removed.  

    • The two windows and wood trim will be removed.  

    • The file storage behind the east secretary space above the lower countertop will be removed.  This is a change from the Nephi construction plans.

    • The lower green countertop will be removed

    • Chart room north wall cabinets to be removed and salvaged for CUCC.

  • On top of the wall nearest the secretary countertop area (south, southwest and southeast walls) the contractor shall construct a contiguous wall from the top of existing wall, to meet up flush with the drop down ceiling wall above; finish to match the adjacent wall.

  • The half wall on the north of the room shall also become a contiguous wall to the ceiling; finish to match existing wall. Contractor shall install window in this wall as per Nephi Office plans.

  • Contractor shall install new door to office space.  Trim shall match other doors in building, frame paint to match other door frames in building.  Door handle to match others in building and keyed to match CUCC master key system.

  • Contractor shall provide framing, sheetrock and door to finish corner of office currently open to hallway as per Nephi Office plans.

  • Contractor to provide additional 3 way light switches to the south of new door, providing a way to turn on lights without walking through the new room. Switches on east hallway wall to be abandoned.

  • Contractor shall install new countertop; with no glued on front face laminate that can be chipped by chairs rolling out from underneath it.  The face of the countertop shall be made of wood that is nailed and glued to the countertop.  Color of wood face trim to match existing cabinets.  Countertop color to be selected by CUCC.  Two 2” access holes to be place in countertop with grommets, one at each secretary workstation.

  • Contractor shall run four cat5 ethernet cables from north wall to network closet and provide finished wall plate.

  • Contractor shall install 5 windows as indicated on Nehi Office plans.  Windows to match the nephi Office in appearance and functionality.   

  • Contractor shall replace all can lights (7) with LED can lights.  Color temp to be selected by CUCC.

  • Contractor shall install two new electrical outlets, one in each space under the desk space of each secretary.  This shall be a new circuit with home run returning to electrical panel in hallway.

  • Contractor shall install new upper and lower cabinets along north wall in chart room as per Nephi Office plans.  Finish to match existing Ephraim cabinets.  If existing countertop cannot be matched, contractor shall install new countertop on both the north and south cabinets.  Color to be selected by CUCC.

  • It is recommended that the contractor visit both the Ephraim Office and Nephi Office prior to submitting a bid.  The visit will help the contractor understand the scope of the project.

  • Please provide three references from recently completed projects.

  • Contractor will be selected based on cost, project duration, completion date and references.

  • Full size plans may be downloaded from the CUCC website: http://cucc.us/ephraimsecretaryremodel.html

  • Please contact Richard at 435-681-1010 if you have any questions.

Existing Ephraim Office

Existing Ephraim millwork

Nephi Office Plans

Nephi Office millwork